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GENESIS Bereavement Resources offers support and encouragement to bereaved people. Our carefully prepared books, brochures and DVDs address some of the issues around grief and bereavement as well as encouraging bereaved people in creating a new life.

About John Kennedy Saynor

About John Kennedy Saynor

John Kennedy SaynorJohn was born in Hamilton, Ontario. His father died when he was 14. He was so impressed by the care his family received from the funeral home, that John became determined to become a funeral director. He licensed as a funeral director in 1964 and in the early 1980’s saw the need for support to be offered families following the death of a loved one. In order to pursue this vision, he entered the Toronto School of Theology to prepare for ordained ministry. He was ordained a priest in the Anglican Church of Canada in 1989 and began an active ministry to bereaved people which included the publication of his first book, Saying Goodbye. After a number of years in parish work, his bishop appointed him to work at the Rosar-Morrison Funeral Home in Toronto. Here the first GENESIS Bereavement Resource Centre was established in 1993. Following his time at Rosar-Morrison Funeral Home he was appointed to the MacCoubrey Funeral Home in Cobourg, Ontario where he spent the next 25 years as the coordinator of their GENESIS Bereavement Resource Centre.

John’s career in bereavement counselling took off with the publication of a highly successful children’s book on the death of a grandparent, Saying Goodbye in 1989. Since that time he has written Goodbye Grandma, Dead Is A Four Letter Word: A young person’s guide through grief for adolescents, GENESIS: A Personal Guide Through Grief for adults. He has published a series of brochures called Growing Through Grief. This series deals with a number of topics relating to grief and bereavement. In June, 2000 Buster the Clown is Dead, a new book explaining cremation to children was published. His most recent book, published in 2004, is The Psalms: Companions Through Grief.

In addition to writing, counselling and training, he is a much sought after speaker on bereavement issues. John brings a warmth and easy manner to this difficult subject. He is now recognized as a uniquely Canadian expert on the subject of death and bereavement.