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GENESIS Bereavement Resources offers support and encouragement to bereaved people. Our carefully prepared books, brochures and DVDs address some of the issues around grief and bereavement as well as encouraging bereaved people in creating a new life.

About John Kennedy Saynor

Caring for a Grieving Friend

by John Kennedy Saynor

People who are friends of those who are bereaved are often baffled about what they can do or say to help. It is important to know that anything we say about bereavement is in general terms. Everyone responds differently and everyone has different needs. However there are some general things …

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Helping Children Cope with the Holidays

by John Kennedy Saynor

Children are often referred to as the “forgotten mourners.” As the holiday season approaches adults in the family may forget that the children in the family are also ambivalent about the holidays. They have learned not to upset their parents and so they withdraw and don’t ask any questions. They just …

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