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GENESIS Bereavement Resources offers support and encouragement to bereaved people. Our carefully prepared books, brochures and DVDs address some of the issues around grief and bereavement as well as encouraging bereaved people in creating a new life.

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Credo Postcards

These postcards feature the Credo found on the front page of this website.
Size: 4" x 6" ($20/100) Available in lots of 100.

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Books by John Kennedy Saynor

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Genesis: A Personal Guide Through Grief ($5.50)

Saying Goodbye ($4.50)

Un Au Revoir ($4.50)

Goodbye Grandma ($4.50)

Dead Is A Four Letter Word ($5.50 ON SALE $3.85)

The Psalms: Companions Through Grief ($5.50 $3.85)

DVDs by John Kennedy Saynor

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Grief A Journey of Discovery ($30.00 ON SALE $20.00)

Brochures by John Kennedy Saynor

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When Your Parent Dies

Good Grief!

À Chacun Son Deuil!

Anticipatory Grief: What is it?

Deuil Par Anticipation: Qu'est-ce Que C'est?

How do Dead People get Chocolate Cake?

When a Young Friend Dies

My Child Has Died!

When I Grow Too Old to Grieve

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