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About John Kennedy Saynor

When Your Spouse Dies

by John Kennedy Saynor


Unfortunately, the time comes in most spousal relationships when one dies. Whether the relationship was good or bad, the loss will be significant.

Don’t be surprised to find yourself grieving over someone you may not have loved. If that is the case, then you may find it helpful to seek help from a professional.

What Will I Experience?

  1. Loneliness – Probably the overriding emotion when a spouse dies is loneliness. In the first year, you will experience the loneliness of going through all the major holidays, birthdays and anniversaries alone.
  2. Disorientation – The map of your life has changed. Not only do you not know where you are going, you probably don’t want to go anywhere.
  3. Overwhelming sadness – The sadness for many is overwhelming. It is the reason why people can’t sleep, don’t feel like eating, are unmotivated and just feel like withdrawing and crying all day long.
  4. Longing for physical intimacy – Depending on your own needs, you may find yourself longing for intimacy. This may surprise you if it comes soon after your spouse’s death, but it is normal and healthy.
  5. Anxious to get on with your life – You aren’t being disrespectful to your spouse by feeling this way. Use all your spouse gave you emotionally, spiritually, psychologically and mentally to forge new paths.